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Bu$R1D3Rs' newest release "CRASH" plunges you into a Raw dream like afterlife with dark electro compositions. Styles range from synthed out melodies to contemplative piano ballads. Styles clash and genres bend from the fusion beats in "Life in Shadows" to the moody electro metal burner on "Don't Stand for Flags." You will also find a deep calming quality on tracks such as "Mission Morning" and "Upbeat Basshead Meditation." Most tracks on "CRASH" are instrumental with the exception of "the Ride" featuring TM4R13. She lends her splendid voice on this track's mantra along side Bu$R1D3Rs eerie bassline and fuzzed out guitar.

All Pianos, Guitars, Turntables, Synth, Samplers and Drum programming were written, arranged and performed by Bu$R1D3R -2016.

++"the Ride" Lyrics written and performed by TM4R13 ++"House of Peace Showers" rain and wind chimes recorded by Michy "the Peace Piper" Cveyich. ++"Mission Morning" was written & recorded in San Francisco, Ca via SphereCo Sound Mobile studio. All other compositions were recorded at SphereCo Sound Studios Venice, Ca.

Digital Download includes 13 track album plus digital art booklet.

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