"NOIR" Tonight, APRIL 8th @ C.A.V.E. Gallery

 This Friday, C.A.V.E. Gallery presents "Noir", featuring new works by: SIT (Amsterdam).
For his debut US exhibition, Dutch artist "SIT" returns to a bold black and white palette, with his new series titled 'NOIR'- illustrating the malicious blackness gnawing away at the edges of our sense of beauty. Examining the troubled relation between the animal kingdom and mankind, SIT's work is focused on the magnificent beauty of the beast and the way it is used to serve the vanity that is intricate to humanity.

The 'NOIR' collection is a haunting series that is simultaneously sexy and morbid. The sensual textures of fur and feathers are juxtaposed with pale animal skulls and soft female curves - representing the perverse 'need' to strip animals of their skins, and exposing the disturbing reality of the suffering and extinction of species to satisfy human narcissism.

Gallery II:
C.A.V.E. Gallery presents "Bird's Eye View", featuring new works by: JIM DARLING (Los Angeles)
Jim Darling's gallery work ranges from detailed ink drawings to layered woodwork with illustrative painted skins. Always having an eye out for found objects and materials, Jim's new series "Bird's Eye View" features uniquely carved woodwork embellished with a stylized aerosol and acrylic technique. Each piece is a 3-dimensional glimpse ofintricately patterned rooftop landscapes balanced by the expansive vista of the open horizon. The work captures the imagination and instills a feeling of curiosity as one peers into the playful mosaic of these urban landscapes.
The evenings mixmasters are resident DJ BusRider (SphereCo) & special guest DJ Kid Gusto. Max Neutra will also be the live painter for the night.

C.A.V.E. Gallery Presents "Noir"
Opening reception Friday April 8th 2011
7pm - 11pm
1108 Abbot Kinney Boulevard
Venice Ca, 90291

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